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Nature Recycling

What a difference! Something is coming around at night and cleaning up the front of the hive. Any guesses? We’ll keep the recording going till we figure it out. Nature has a way to recycle that is so motivational to all of us.

This Could Explain a Lot

In this video you can see worker bees laying eggs. How can that be helpful? If a group of bees discover a new behavior that is beneficial to the hive how does that get transfered to the next generation? Here’s the theory I’m working on. Bees change behavior + Their Brain changes (neuroplasticity) + Their DNA changes (Epigenetics) + Worker lays Eggs + Drone Survives and Hatches + Drone selected to mate with new queen = Genetic Transfer of Beneficial Behavior Trait. We also know that when bees swarm some 6% of the Drones have workers as their mom. Lots to think about.