Community and Corporate Sponsorship

Our mission is to save the bees and, in the end, our planet.  As a community or corporate sponsor, your organization will help us in achieving our goal by purchasing more research equipment, eventually research assistants, and finally, encouraging other farmers to adopt our strategies.  You will receive in exchange:

  1. An annual social media video clip specific to your organization featuring Hank our founder, as he explains a specific aspect of our project.  You will receive recognition in the video that your organization can share with customers/clients/the general public through your social media platforms.
  2. During the growing season, April to October, you will be invited to Live at the Hive events where Hank will share with the entire group, something going on at the hives or farm.  We expect from 1-3 live events per year, exclusive to Community and Corporate sponsors.
  3. Recognition through our site and media outlets that your sponsorship is not only helping us in our environmental cause, but also making free educational resources available to schools around the world.
  4. Buzz Building and Team Building – Ask for volunteers in your organization or company to become Buzz Builders and look at creative ways to spread our message, “Help us save the bees and the planet.” Connect your employees with an environmental initiative that will rejuvenate, provide purpose and team building.
  5. Get some Bee Swag – We are working with an ecology-minded apparel company to provide exclusive products to our Community and Corporate Sponsors. Wear it and bee proud!

Annual sponsorship for your organization is just $950/year.  Contact Hank for more information on how your organization can become a sponsor today.

Call Hank direct at 519-437-1956 or you can click here to email him.