Home FootPrint Credit Employee Information

Home FootPrint Credit Employee Information

You Don’t have to Tear Down Your Home to Give it Back to Nature

To live in a house, condo, townhome, or apartment, nature had to leave.  The land which once was home to different plants, animals and valuable insects was cleared so that your home could be built.  It’s part of what we all did to improve our chances of survival and quality of life.

But what if you could give that land back to nature?  Is there a way without needing to tear down your home?

At Wildflower Bee Farm we have a way for you to do that.

We have converted farmland, or in some cases, restored clear cut forests, or in others, to preserve them and allow nature to return. One Home Footprint Credit (HFC) equals the amount of land needed to be cleared to build most homes, or 10,000 square feet.  The land needed to be cleared to build your home can now be replaced with 1 Home Footprint Credit.

The exciting part is that your employer believes that giving back to nature in a meaningful and impactful way is important. They also want help you learn more about Ecosystem Restoration projects such as this so that by working together we can all have an environmental impact.

With their purchase of 1 Home Footprint Credit in your name you will receive:

  1. A certificate indicating the location of the land you are helping with, acknowledging your participation.
  2. Each year, you receive a drone video of the actual land and a note from our Arborist indicating the state of the flowers, plants, and trees as compared to the year previous.

You don’t have to leave to give your home back to nature.  There is a way to pay it back.  Join us.