Home Footprint Credit

Home Footprint Credit

Learn How the Bees Can Help You Attract and Keep the Best Employees

Hello, this is Hank from Wildflower Bee Farm. To keep outstanding employees and attract the next generation of great ones requires a strong commitment to helping the environment.  Many studies point to the fact that having engaging, personal interactions with nature are extremely valuable to employees especially Gen Z.

At Wildflower Bee Farm, we create opportunities for companies to support the creation of natural lands to offset the area required for an employee’s home, townhome, apartment, or condo unit.  Each Home Footprint Credit (HFC) equates to 10,000 square ft. of land returned to nature from a Canadian farm, regenerated clear cut logged or preserved forest. In some cases, honeybees are added as is natural vegetation to allow pollinators, plants, and animals to live in harmony.

By purchasing one Home Footprint Credit for each of your employees they will receive:

  1. A certificate indicating the location of the land you are helping restore or preserve and their contribution to that effort.
  2. An annual drone video of the land and a report from our Arborist indicating the state of the flowers, plants, and trees as compared to the year previous.
  3. More details on the environmental impact of the HFC.  This could include carbon offsets realized and Nature supported.  For example, this year at our Wildflower Bee Farm each credit supports 8,333 honeybees as well as all the plants, animals and insects that have returned.
  4. Getting employees engaged in decision making on what we could do to enhance the land you are supporting.  Should we plant this type of wildflower or that type?  Should we plant extra maple trees or let nature do its job?  Each year when they receive the drone video, we will open a discussion group to ask questions and get your feedback.  We can’t do this alone and need their help.

As an HFC sponsor your organization will:

  1. Boost employee engagement within hybrid work environments where strategies to connect employees in a meaningful way is challenging today.
  2. Bring truth, transparency and meaning at an employee level to your ESG strategy.
  3. Send the message to prospective Gen Z employees that you are engaging in activities that they value and covet.
  4. Utilize your involvement in this Canadian made solution to communicate to the public and future clients of your commitment to nature-based solutions to climate change.

Starting an HFC strategy at your company is a bold, innovative step that will set you apart from all others. For more information you can contact me directly at 1-519-437-1956 or hank@wethebee.com  Look forward to hearing from you soon.  Hank Svec