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        Virtual Field Trips or Adult Stress Breaks

        At Wildflower Bee Farm, our goal is to document our 50-acre farm’s transformation back to nature and the honeybee. With the Covid crisis, we help inspire students and provide parents and teachers with fresh, new, weekly study material. Teachers can go to www.honeybeelessonplans.com and get prepared lesson plans for primary, junior and intermediate classrooms. Parents can also go to the site and access home activities to use with our video’s. At just $10/year per classroom or home, you will be supporting our cause and providing your children with new interesting and exciting material to learn. During the growing season you will also be able to join “Hank Live at the Hive” where live streaming of activities will further motivate your children. Go to www.honeybeelessonplans.com to get started.

        Complete Wasp Attack Video

        We provide a virtual field trip to our Wildflower Bee Farm each week, producing a video clip of 3-8 minutes on the latest happenings on the farm and with the bees. It’s as if you are here on the farm, close up without the risks and hazards of traveling or being close to a hive. All students, regardless of their learning profile, will benefit from using our video clips as a motivator to learn more about our environment, the honeybee and our unique project of a 50 acre transformation! For more information about the farm and our virtual field trip project, click here.

        Benefits of the Virtual Field Trips to the Wildflower Bee Farm

        1. More time added to your day.
        2. A budget-friendly resource.
        3. Safe during COVID and adaptable to home instruction.
        4. A way to incorporate technology into your teaching.
        5. A resource that supports independent thinking and learning.
        6. A resource that helps students become aware and take action about environmental issues.
        7. An easy way to take your students to a beehive and farm.
        8. Updated weekly video experiences that continue to tell our story of the transformation of our farm to nature and the honeybee.

        Our Story

        Want to be Part of the BEE THE CHANGE Movement?

        Bees everywhere need our help to build their numbers for their health and survival. We currently offer two memberships to our website that include premium content and much more! One for students, schools and people interested in our venture, and one for individuals or corporations who want to do more for the bees. For more information, click the Become a Member Button below.

        Join our Cause as a Member-Supporter

        Our Queen Bee Member-Supporters

        We want to express our gratitude to our Queen Bee Members for their generous support of our bee farm!

        Member Log In

        We ♥ Our Bee Helpers

        Coming Soon

        We are working on our Wild Flower Bee Farm store where you can purchase bee-themed merchandise, with the proceed going to help support and maintain the bee farm. It’s just one more way you can help us to #savethebees.