Honeybee Stock Picks

My Stocks for 2024 as Picked by the Honeybees

If you read our book, you know Mary and I follow the lessons learned from the honeybees when investing.  Here is the list I’m holding going into 2024 in the non-registered accounts.  I have a total of 7 different stocks in the portfolio.  Here is the list with a bit more information on each.

Remember you should never make any changes to your investment portfolio without talking to your financial planner or advisor.  I am not a financial planner or advisor.  I am simply sharing what I am doing and why to help us all learn from the experience.

  1. European Residential REIT (ERE.UN) is 56% or over half of the portfolio.  It pays a 7.5% dividend and as of the start of this year, it is down 9.11% from when I purchased it.  I keep buying this when it drops.  Currently trading at $2.58, my value estimate currently is just over $5.00 a share.  My average purchase price was $2.83 a share.
  2. Slate Office REIT (SOT.UN) is 27% of the portfolio.  I featured it in previous newsletters as I believe the office sector is oversold.  Currently trades at .81 with my average purchase price of .87, down some 6.22%.  I continue to buy on dips.
  3. Vital Hub Corp (VHI.ca) is 7.8% of the portfolio.  It was purchased on average for $3.56 and now trades at $4.08 per share.  I harvested some profits when it exceeded $4.25, and believe it’s fully valued at $5.50.  It is up 14.5% since it was purchased.
  4. Dream Residential Real Estate (DRREF) represents 5% of the portfolio.  It was purchased for $6.96 (US funds) and currently is at $6.93 or down 3.11%.
  5. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is just 1.78% of the portfolio purchased for $58.24 and now trading for $64.50 or an increase of 10.74%.  I continued to harvest profits from this purchase as I saw the current value at $65.
  6. Reliq Health Technologies (RHT.ca) purchased for .245 and is currently at .23.  It is my stink bomb purchase as the CEO resigned, the company didn’t file financials on time and they keep going down to the basement and print more shares, reducing the value of those we own.  Despite all of that, I see the value of the company at the .44 cents.  If they could stop acting like idiots, or that freshman who never turns in a paper on time, we still may have great company.
  7. BTB Real Estate Investment Trust (BTB.UN) was purchased for $2.89 and now is at $2.93.  I’m nibbling on this one again as it only consists of just under one-half of one percent of the portfolio.  It has paid a consistent dividend for a very long time and at the purchase price one that is over 10%.  I will be loading up more of this one in 2024.

My Watchlist includes stocks I don’t currently hold but did hold and harvested profits, or those that I’m still researching.  The list only includes Goodfellow Lumber a stock I harvested at $15.00 and now waiting to re-purchase.  No other stocks are on my list currently.

Following the guide of the honeybees as we discuss in our book has been very helpful for me.  It removes the stress and indecision.  I know these are 10-20-year-holds with occasional harvesting when the market gets stupidly high. When the market punishes them for no reason, I just buy more.  It’s a simple strategy that works for me.

Overall, the portfolio was down some 6.2% in 2023.  The honeybees did beat many of the experts such as those running the REIT ETF for the Bank of Montreal for example, which was down some 9.8%. While short-term ups and downs aren’t important, it does look like the Honeybees may be on to something.  Happy New Year and please remember to consult with your financial advisor before you invest in any stocks or investments you read about.  I’m just listening to the bees.